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This is a paedriatic ward with a bed capacity of 49 beds admitting the age age of 0-12 years.

The unit is subdivided into two sections namely:

  1. The acute room 

  2. The general ward


Has a capacity of 6 beds.

In this unit, very ill children are admitted for care and stabilization. Once stable they are moved to the general ward. Some of the acute conditions managed in this unit include febrile convulsions, Hyperglycemia, severe respiratory distress etc.


Has a bed capacity of 43 beds where we admit children who are stable during their stay in the ward, the children are taken care of by their parents/guardians.


The ward is under the head of department a registered nurse and a senior clinical officer who ensure smooth running of the department ; under them we have nursing officers , clinician and subordinate staffs.

The senior clinical officer reviews the children around the clock ensuring that professional interventions are offered and demanded. All nursing care and planning is offered to each child as condition demands in collaboration with the clinical team.

A  Holistic approach of care is offered to the children and health education and counselling offered to their parents when needs arises.

The ward has a medical doctor, a surgeon , an orthopaedic surgeon, 8 qualified nurses, two clinical officers who offer required services to the patients.

We have a daily session of health talks on matters hygiene, prevention of common illness etc. The medical team is dedicated to provision of top of the notch service at all times.

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