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The patient presents with potentially life threatening medical, obstetric and surgical conditions, either brought by good samaritan, relatives or ambulance.

The may present without prior appointment. A BLS/ATLS/ACLS.

Triage system is used to screen them and classify according to priority. This is done by an RCO or an MO who together with the trained NO will co-ordinate appropriate immediate action to save life.

Maurice Ochieng

Services  offered in casualty

  • Nebulization

  • Drug administration

  • Rescusitation (off all kinds of shocks)

  • Suturing of wounds

  • Plaster application & removal

  • Reduction of joints dislocation

  • Removing of foreign bodies

  • Fluid therapy replacement

  • Fast exam

  • Cauterization of nelioval acute urine resection

  • Chest tube insertion in chest trauma

  • Stabilization of trauma patient and co-ordination of referral

  • Sexual gender based violence (SGBV)

  • Emergency laboratory & Radiology services

  • Admission

  • Wound dressing

  • Removal of stitches

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