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Welcome to Comprehensive Care Centre. The department is supported by Kenya Aids Response Program (KARP) which is a follow on grant of AIDs Relief Kenya (ARK) won by KCCB through a competitive process in March 2011 under the US Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDs Relief (PEPFAR).

Our site is among the 56 faith based facilities supported by KARP in Nyanza, Western, and Rift Valley provinces. KARP supports the department through staffing Laboratory investigations and provision of free OI drugs.

  • The department has a team of 24 qualified experienced, and dedicated staffs.

  • They are passionate and provide high quality care.

  • Through reduction of HIV prevention, provision, maintenance and expansion.

  • They provide high quality HIV treatment, care and support.

  • They comprise of: client mentors, HTS providers, social worker, laboratory scientists, pharmacists, data managers, clinical officers, nurses, HIV service Lead and Project Accountant.

  • We also have 22 dedicated community health volunteers.


Services offered at the department

  1. Screening of all patients who seek services within the hospital.

  2. Voluntary HIV Counseling and Testing for all who are eligible.

  3. Linkage to care, support, treatment and follow up.

  4. Differentiated care services including community ART groups.

  5. High quality clinical services.

  6. Elimination of mother to child transmission.

  7. Adherence/psychosocial counseling.

  8. STI treatment.

  9. TB screening, prevention and treatment.

  10. Cervical cancer screening.

  11. Provision of pre and post exposure prophylaxis.

  12. PMTCT, high viral load and paediatric support group.

  13. Appointment management and defaulter tracing.

  14. Community outreach services.

Clinic days

     Day                                                                                  Time

Monday – Friday                                            7.00am – 5.00pm

Our Success Story

We have been able to put smiles on many families through identification of very needy children with adherence challenges and taking them to boarding schools. This is because in boarding school, education, food and interaction with other children is assured thus leading to stigma reduction. As a result all our children with high viral load achieved viral suppression.

We are glad and proud that the children who were born with HIV and people thought they would die or not make it in life, have grown up to be great people.

They are currently giving back to the society. They include: Clinical Officers, Building and Construction engineer, OTZ Deputy President, HTS providers among others.

We wish to inform people that HIV is not a death sentence.

 Come and experience the highest quality of care with our staff at the St. Mary’s Mission Hospital Mumias CCC department.

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