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Health care is a customer service industry, the facility puts more emphasise on providing quality care to its patients. This is at anytime of interactions between staff and patients.

Every employee therefore is potentially a customer service representative as there daily activities are focused on improving the quality of care provided to patients.

The goal of quality care is to provide longterm relationships with patients as happy patients are likely to return to the same doctors,clinics and facilities for all their health care needs.

To ensure effectiveness in customer service, the facility has established a customer service desk at the entry point of patients into the facility, the customer service representative is involved in.

  • greetings and welcoming of patients into the facility.

  • enquire from patients the type of service the need to be offered while in the facility.

  • Direct patients not in need of medication to the right personnel for help.

  • For patients in need of medication find out the kind of medication they need and if they have any insurance cover eg Nhif, AAR, Madison or Linda mama or are using cash to be served.

  • Help in registration of patients in new NHIF  biometric system and admission of patients with medical covers in to the hospital for medication.

  • Undertake discharge of patients through the new NHIF biometric system and smart card machine for other medical insurance covers.

  • Responding to enquiries from patients and calls from different departments of the hospital.

  • Undertake any assigned task to ensure patient satisfaction while at the hospital.

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