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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Generate detailed report based on the insights from data analyzed and sharing report both internally and externally.

  • Monitoring and evaluating programme targets and developing indicators for measuring program progress.

  • Facilitating and leading learning and documentation through reporting, reflection and innovation.

  • Develop qualitative and quantitative data collection tools and instruments based on project specification indicators.

  • Ensuring quality and Accountability of monitoring, analyzing lessons for quality and accountability

Onesmas ....

  • Extensively involved in user and management trainings, training staffs on use of the EMR/IT systems and Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) in additional data validation tools.

  • Designing, Developing, Documenting and executing training programs for the project

  • Managing the quality and governance of Hospital database.

  • Providing of key support in reviewing and finalizing of monthly and annual reports and maintaining registers so as to monitor and evaluate program activities.

  • Ensuring timelines, completeness, accuracy, validness and confidentiality of all the reports.

  • Liaising with the implementation team on where to improve more on system.

  • Formulating policies and procedures for smooth running of program goals and objectives.

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