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Services Offered

  • Dispensing medication to clients.

  • Counselling on use of medication to clients. i.e.

  1. Medication storage at home.

  2. Time to take as per discussed.

  3. Doing pill count, reminding them the refill dates and return dates to the clinic.

  4. Check the understanding of the clients/patients by asking them to repeat the key information.

  5. Making final check list for questions and concerns of the client.

Josephine were 

  • Good record keeping practices in health commodity management – keeping inventory tools at the point of use.

  • Request for tools from appropriate source on time to time to avoid stock outs.

  • Keeping records up to date.

  • Maintain accuracy store records appropriately.

  • Ensure confidentiality of client’s information.

  • Protect records from damage.

  • We do stock taking, ordering of medication.

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