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Mwanaidi Nechesa & Florah Kwabagu

PMCTC/MCH Services

  1. PMTCT services are integrated in MCH services.

  2. Health education is offered every visit.

  3. Adherence counselling to ARV drug done every visit.

  4. Encouraging mother infant pair every visit.

  5. Counselling and follow-up of ANC HIV positive clients.

  6. Enrolment of HIV exposed infants (HEI) and follow-up at 6 weeks, 6 months, and 12 month for DNA PCR TEST, follow-up 18 month and 24 month antibody test.

  7. Monitoring of HIV positive ANC clients and PNC clients for viral loads at 3 months for newly enrolled and known HIV positive transfer in. There after every 6 months until caesation of breast feeding.

  8. Follow-up of high viral loads, MOT home visits and assign case managers.

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