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At St Mary's mission hospital mumias we have the x-ray procedures.

At the x-ray we have evolved from the analogue darkroom to modern digital x-ray performing all routine procedures of fractures, chest x-ray, skull, abdomen, and many others including special procedures such as barium examinations.

We pride ourselves in the availability of equipment that has reduced patient waiting time of less than a few minutes before they have the x-ray films.


Privacy is a Priority. All x-ray procedures are not advised on pregnant women even if is to support their patients ; however in critical and emergency circumstances adequate shielding of the unborn baby with adequate lead gowns available at our department is advised.

Caretakers supporting their patients during examination are protected by the lead gowns and thyroid shields.


Unlike ultra sound many of x-ray procedures will be conducted right away.

preparation may include changing into hospital gowns provided at our department.

Instructions may be announced through a special speaker provided such as don't move or hold your breathe.

Many of our examinations take a few minutes on digital equipment.

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